The Conference of the Year

Planned Events

We have so many great events planned, this is going to be a great time!

Star Gazing

We can check out the skies at night. Moon, tides, clouds, weather, and inclination permitting.


We'll have a pottery & book exchange!
Bring pieces no longer bringing you joy. Find a piece that gives you new joy!

Interpretive Dance

Kristin is going to do an interpretive dance. In the front yard. If she wants to do so. We want her to.


A drawing and art making afternoon! Any and all media welcome! Maybe Claire will show us how to weld!


Do you know how many amazing chocolate stores there are in Portland? Two, and we'll go to both.

Tech Things

Kitt wants to show us how to make projects simpler with Vagrant for faster project ramp-up and configuration.


Oh, who can resist the delight of waffles? Savory or sweet, all full of deliciousness! I couldn't find an icon.


Which part of Portland has the most number of Poke Stops? Let's find out walking 20km playing Pokemon Go!

Comics and Books

Many, many interesting new books out now! We'll have a comic store tour! And there's Powell's!


Early fall is harvest time. With all the incoming food, we can have a preserve party.


Yes! Tracy's birthday is SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE of Oliphest 2016. Let's celebrate her birthday!

And... Relax

With all the things we can do, how about we sit around, talk, have a glass of wine. Or two.

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The big events

Of course, we have the events we really want to highlight!

Pizza On The Grill

Tasty Tasty

Someone suggested this. Everyone applauded. We won't be hitting up the Trader Joes for the crust.

Gelato vs Salt & Straw

Can Haz Both?

Which is better? The Gelato three blocks away from Salt & Straw, or Salt & Straw? We decide!


Give Me the Details!

Right. Kinda need to know where to go and when, eh?

September 8th - September 11th, 2016

Portland, Oregon

We are an all-inclusive event.

We invited everyone in the Susan Slack.